Reduce your clutter, not your list price. Staging is one of the most important steps in preparing your home for sale. Services can begin with an in-home consultation, where we focus on all areas of your home starting with curb appeal. Enhancements can include painting, repairs and gardening as well as furniture placement/editing and de-cluttering. We can recommend paint colour and arrange furniture rentals if necessary. We’ll coordinate the services agreed upon, which may include painters, window washers, and housecleaners.

“People shop with logic then buy on emotion. Your house is your most important asset.  Try to do everything to maximize it.”


People have many reasons to organize their home – selling, moving or just trying to make it function more smoothly – but have one common motive for hiring a home organizer: a busy life, a feeling of being overwhelmed with the scope of the project and not knowing where to start. At Space, our role is to create a plan and help you stay focused, as we work alongside you to get the job done. Space principal Kim Sneath is a master organizer who loves to bring order to the chaos in people’s lives.

“People hold onto their stuff like it’s a life raft, when, in fact, it’s an anchor weighing them down.”  Peter Walsh