About Us

The principal contact at Space, Kim Sneath began working in the home staging and organizing business in 2006. Highly energetic, Kim pays special attention to detail and has a warm and sincere approach to all her clients’ needs. Clients trying to sell a house with a deadline looming or just trying to make sense of a chaotic, disorganized home appreciate Kim’s calm demeanor in the midst of a stressful situation. Flexibility and the ability to meet a deadline make her an expert at making sense of a home project.

Having bought and sold property in the Toronto and Halifax areas, Kim has achieved great success in organizing and staging for herself. Over the past couple of years she has worked with real estate agents and clients in the GTA, gaining considerable experience in this new industry and has come to enjoy it thoroughly. 

Space gives you room to breathe.

Contact us at kim@perfectspace.ca or (647) 802-2344

Photo: Kim Sneath
Photo: Abby Crosby